Who we are


DIOGENE selects candidates personnally by a preparatory interview, immediately evaluating the compatibility between the required competences and the candidate’s professional profile. Then, on the basis of mutual interest, the contact phase between job offers and searches is effectuated.

DIOGENE enjoys a well established collaboration with local firms and services in several sectors: in the pharmaceutical and medical fields (orthodontist, optical, plastic surgery), in logistics (transport, warehouses), in the hardware sector (automated machinery, automotives, special treatment plants, machine tool production, productive plats, industrial lighting), in services and in counselling (solicitors, lawyers, accountants , mechanical and/or electronic projects firms). The experience developed in different sectors continuously opens new ways of expansion towards the new professional profiles, now emerging in the job market.

DIOGENE takes care of the whole process of personnel selection, from the applicants’ insertion in the data bank, to their possible employment in the firm, without drawing any fees or percentages from the candidates.